Boston Newborn Photography At Home

In the years following college graduation, my definition of success has changed greatly. No longer is success, for me, the idea of climbing the proverbial ladder only to sit alone at the top, but, rather, to find myself surrounded and encouraged by good people that fill my days with light and happiness. And meeting Jess of Oh, I Design was definitely one of those moments when I knew I was in good company. When Jess, Kathryn of The Everday Napkin (also an encouraging, shining light in my entrepreneurial little world) and I moved into a shared studio space at the end of last year, the positive changes to my business were recognizable and I am grateful for our little space everyday. When Jess shared with us that she was going to have a little baby girl, we were so excited. It’s been amazing seeing how Jess transitioned to motherhood so naturally and how she now shares her shining light with her adorable little girl, Evie. It was a great  privilege to document Cody, Jess and Evie in their first days at home as a family of three and I’m so happy to share the images with all of you!

Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1001 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1002 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1003 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1004 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1005 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1006 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1007 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1008 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1009 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1010 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1011 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1012 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1013 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1014 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1015 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1016 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1017 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1018 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1019 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1020 Boston-newborn-photography-at-home-1021


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