Dreaming of Paris

I should start by saying, I’ve traveled to Paris previously. But each time I visit, the beauty of the city overwhelms me. I mean, everywhere you look there is stunning architecture. Literally. Everywhere.

This time I went as a bit of pre-celebration for my 30th birthday which I was to celebrate in Iceland (a post for another day) and the visit did not disappoint. We shopped, we dined (Jardin des Pâtes, Le Petit Casimir, Ladurée, Télescope, L’Avant Comptoir – Get to all of these if you can), we walked – like 15 miles in one single day, no joke. And somehow, I could still go back and see and do and photograph….probably until the end of time.

And so, I have for you below, just a small snippet of autumn in Paris. The beauty and the romance and the ambiance of the city make it quite easy to understand why so many come, fall in love, and never leave.

Paris-1001 Paris-1006 Paris-1003 Paris-1004 Paris-1007 Paris-1009 Paris-1010 Paris-1011 Paris-1014 Paris-1015 Paris-1016 Paris-1017 Paris-1020 Paris-1021 Paris-1023 Paris-1024 Paris-1026 Paris-1027 Paris-1028 Paris-1029 Paris-1030 Paris-1036 Paris-1037 Paris-1038 Paris-1039 Paris-1040 Paris-1041 Paris-1042 Paris-1046

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