This is a guide for second photographers working with the Nicole Baas Photography team.

ATTIRE: Unless otherwise instructed, please dress professionally: Black dress, jumpsuit (professional-ish), black pants or khakis and a button down shirt.


We will discuss vantage points, but often I prefer my second photographers to take the side angles, balcony views and close crops of the bridal party (holding flowers, hands, reactions), bride+groom faces, and guest reactions

Cocktail Hour

Depending on timing, I may need you to shoot some of the reception details, tablescapes, and environmental shots (wide shots of the venue, small details and signs etc.)

Otherwise, if we are both available for the formal posed photos, I will be shooting straight on and giving all direction to the bridal party and I would like my second to shoot close crops and side angles (again, hands holding flowers, side view of couple looking at each other, etc) and any candids that you may witness


During the introductions and entrance, please shoot a different vantage point from me

First dance please capture guest reactions, alternate viewpoints of the couple from what I am shooting, and any interesting visuals you may see

For speeches, capture the couple's reaction and any guest reactions, tables that may clink glasses and toast, etc.

Formal Dances, etc.

First dance and any parent dances please capture guest reaction and/or alternate viewpoint from me

Candids for the remainder or any photos guests request - please come get me if you think you cannot properly accommodate their request